How can I do interviews on the platform?

The platform includes the interview feature by default;


No need to panic to find back the link the recruiter sent you for the interview! You can make all your interviews on the platform in just one click.


✅ To do so : 


Click on "My jobs", choose the offer in question, press "Enter virtual meeting room" and go !


Can I delete all my data if I no longer want to use Wiggli's services?

Of course ! Our solution is 100% compliant with the GDPR regulations. 

If for any reason, you decide to remove all your personal data from Wiggli, you can go to the privacy section, where you have the freedom to either delete your entire profile or switch to an inactive mode.

This level of flexibility empowers you to have complete control over your privacy and choose how you want to be represented on the platform. 

Once you select the option to delete your profile, all ongoing processes associated with your account will be promptly canceled.

What happens when I follow a company that interests me?


By following a company that interests you, you will be notified by email or directly on the platform each time the company in question publishes a job offer that might interest you.


The best way to make sure you won't miss any opportunities!


How to edit and set up my account?

To edit and set up your Wiggli account, follow the following steps:
✅ Go to "My profile" section, to add your profile picture and set your status in "edit my personal details".
✅ Then click on "preferences" to indicate where you live and where you would like to work, and specify your expectations and availability.


✅ Then click on "Functions & Skills" and define the functions and skills you have and wish to use in your future professional challenge.



PS: Provide as much detail as possible to make it easy for recruiters to find your profil and look for the most appropriate opportunities for you!

How to activate my account ?

To activate your account, you will receive an invitation to join your space on Wiggli that appears as follows : you will receive an email from this email address, with the subject "Welcome to Wiggli".



You can click on the button "choose a password and activate" your account.


How can I change my status ?

? To change the status of your profile, you have two options : 
Go to your profile, then click on "Edit personal details".
Or go to "settings" section and edit your status directly. 


✅ Choose the status "Active" if you are looking for opportunities and you want to be contacted by companies.

✅ Inversely, click on "passive" if you do not want to appear in the search results of companies, but you still want to apply and continue to exchange with the companies that you had previously contacted.

✅Finally, choose the "inactive" status if you do not want to appear in any results or be contacted by companies.


? Status management is the most important feature when managing your profile. It will determine whether or not companies will contact you if they are interested by your profile.

 It is always interesting to be approached by potential employers as a candidate. At Wiggli, we give you the possibility to take advantage of this feature or to hide your profile if you do not wish to receive offers.

How do I activate notifications?

To activate your notifications, simply go to "Notification Settings" to activate them.


? You have the option to be notified daily or weekly and you will receive all notifications on your email inbox to be notified as soon as an offer "matches" your profile and to make sure you don't miss any opportunity that might interest you.

How can I see which companies has my profile?

? Once again, you have control on everything! 


✅ To view the companies that have access to your profile, simply navigate to the explore menu. There, you can see a list of all the companies you have followed or those that have added you to their talent pool.



✅ You can also choose to stop following a company by clicking on “unfollow” or simply choose to remove your data definitely from their talent pool.



At Wiggli we ensure that you are in charge of managing your profile and the whole interactions with companies according to your preferences.

Can I stop a hiring process with a company?

Yes, absolutely!  You can stop your current recruitment process whenever you want.


✅ To do so, simply click on "my jobs", and select the offer you have already applied for.


✅ Then click on "cancel application".


Can I create my candidate account for free?

? Absolutely! We believe in providing equal opportunities for all candidates, which is why creating a candidate account on Wiggli is 100% free.


We understand the importance of accessibility today, and want to ensure that everyone can benefit from our platform's features and services without any financial barriers.


✅ By offering a free candidate account, we aim not only to support you in your job search, but also to provide a user-friendly experience that helps connect you with exciting career opportunities.



So go ahead and create your Wiggli candidate account today, and  take the first step towards  your dream job!

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