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4 TV Show/ Movie Interviewees We Come Across in Reality Too

Making TV show characters memorable is nothing short of an art, and some writers have mastered said art. One thing that allows them to achieve this is the relatability factor they can add to these characters, such as habits, goals, appeal, certain quirks, etc. Once the audience can relate to a character, they develop an eerie liking for them. 

Some TV shows have characters besides the main hero and heroine who are equally, if not more, interesting. The following list of characters as interviewees in a tv show or movie will masterfully represent the type of interviewees we come across in real life.

Penelope “Penny” Hofstadter

Arguably one of the favorites from The Big Bang Theory, Penny is full of life and extremely sociable. However, she is not academically savvy like the other main characters. After all, it is a show named after a major scientific phenomenon, and she has zero interest in it.

We often find ourselves in situations where the only thing to do is improvise. However, this only occurs because your talents are dormant elsewhere, just like the story of Penny’s job interview for a pharmaceutical salesperson position. She has no experience or knowledge of sales, but her compassion and interpersonal skills convince the interviewer to hire her.

Many interviewees apply for a role thinking they are not good enough but get the job due to their intangibles. Interviewers have the potential to see in you what you may not even realize you possess. Sometimes, just being yourself is enough to get a job if the interviewer deems it beneficial for the company. Hence, the lesson that Penny’s character teaches us is that being the best version of yourself can sometimes prove to be your salvation. 

Andrea “Andy” Sachs: The Devil Wears Prada

You might have heard people say that when you truly want something, nothing can stop you from getting it. That is what Andy’s character from The Devil Wears Prada teaches us.

Her dream job is in journalism, and she works hard to make a name for herself. She applies for journalism jobs just for the love of it, not for status or money. She isn’t the best with people or the flashiest of characters, but she ardently pursues her passion. Such job applicants are rarely found in the current job market

The tendency to work solely to improve is not for everyone. Most people apply for jobs only because of the money. However, Andy teaches us that as an interviewee, the best thing you can do is be honest. If you make up lies to prove your credibility, it will eventually lead to your downfall. Interviewers love such interviewees that are honest and true to themselves. Their passion for a certain job makes it exceptionally easy for the interviewers to give them the nod. 

Mike Ross: Suits

With undoubtedly the best pilot in the history of television, Suits brings us countless instances that real-life humans can relate to. Be that in daily life, corporate life, or even the court of law. 

Mike Ross is a struggling genius with a photographic memory who stumbles in on a job interview for a lawyer at a top New York firm. The interviewer happens to be Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers in all of America. Mike Ross is not even eligible for the job application as he does not have formal education, let alone from Harvard. However, his proficiency in law and everything about it is unmatched. This becomes clear as day to Harvey Specter and he soon learns that Mike is a force to be reckoned with.

Mike’s interview performance is so spectacular that Harvey chooses to hire him instead of almost a dozen Harvard graduates waiting outside. Such an occurrence is rare in real life, but it is possible. Moreover, it teaches us that as long as you are truly skilled at something, it will always give you an edge. Mastering a skill is far superior to a piece of paper showing your grades. All types of companies covet highly skilled interviewees, and the interviewer doesn’t take long to make a decision if such an interviewee comes along. 

Marshall Eriksen: How I Met Your Mother

Sit-coms have always been an enjoyable genre in television history. One of the most heart-warming sitcoms is How I Met Your Mother, with its goofy characters like Marshall Eriksen. Marshall is one of those unfortunate interviewees that cannot follow his passion because the jobs in his industry of choice - environmental law - are not ideal. Therefore, he gets a job at a bank, where the pay and benefits are at least giving. His interview is a prime example of how money can win over passion. 

In the corporate world, countless interviewees are only interested in the job for the money. As an interviewer, one should not hire such a candidate because it is not beneficial to either party in the long run. Sure, the experience and certificates of the interviewee hold credibility, but his intention matters the most. If one strays away from what he truly wants, he gives into the evils such as greed and moral corruptness. 

An interviewee’s intentions must be ethically pure and morally right, which can go a long way in any field. Your job type doesn’t matter, as long as you are at peace and contributing positively to society. Hence, it’s better to follow your passion instead of losing your way due to greed. Marshall’s story should encourage the audience to follow their passion and not give in to momentary relief. 

Which Character Do You Relate to the Most?

As an interviewee, you must have encountered certain situations in which you could relate to these characters. It is even possible that you might have more than one of them relatable. Sometimes you might be completely unprepared for a job but land it because of your character and interpersonal skills. Other times, you might be exceptionally qualified, and the interviewer has no chance but to hire you. 

Similarly, sometimes your skills will carry you all the way, while other times, you might consider giving into the greed for money. In any case, you must remember that your choices and character result from you being human, and you must always remain focused on doing the right thing because it will bring you ultimate success in any field.