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HR 2022 Recap: Trends You Need To Watch Out For In 2023

2022 was challenging for HR. Wasn’t it? While 2023 is around the corner, it’s important to evaluate what really happened this year and how HR leaders take advantage of the trends and tackle challenges. 

The significance of HR leaders and professionals has come under the spotlight as they’re responsible for identifying opportunities and addressing challenges in a not-so-friendly environment. This is the ideal time for human resource management to step up and lead organizations in navigating challenging times. The ongoing shift to remote working and hybrid workplaces

We’ve seen how 2020 and 2021 reshaped HR forever. New HR technologies are transforming the way recruiters attract, manage, nurture, hire, and onboard talent. Research shows that about 90% of HR leaders want to increase the use of technology in order to meet emerging needs and stay competitive. 

This shows recruiters have been paying attention to the vitality of automation and robust talent management. In this post, let’s see what HR trends were most impactful in 2022 and what you can improve in 2023 to achieve your talent acquisition and retention goals. 

HR trends that were most impactful in 2022 


There are several HR trends that have helped entrepreneurs, recruiters, and HR professionals navigate through a tough year. Some of them include:  

  • Adoption of remote work policies 


The Covid pandemic has made it mandatory for companies to implement flexible work policies in the last couple of years. Building remote teams and developing work management systems that support hybrid workplaces are key features of the current HR landscape


According to an Owl Labs study, 16%  of companies are fully remote globally. The study also revealed that nearly 63% of workers aged 22 to 65 worked at least occasionally. Taking into account the emerging health and safety requirements, it is inevitable for companies to let people work remotely.

  • Implementation of hybrid work model 


Hybrid workplace settings where people work from the office as well as remotely turned out to be a great solution for businesses across the globe. The number of workers working in a hybrid work environment has risen from 13% in February 2022 to 24% in May 2022.


WeWork and Workplace Intelligence conducted a survey and found that 79% of the C-suite would encourage their workers to go with a hybrid work model if their job allows it. This is because the hybrid work model empowers workers and keeps them engaged with their jobs even during a period of uncertainty. 


Employees are likely to produce better business results when provided with flexible work policies. Besides, the hybrid work model isn’t just an HR trend of 2022, it will continue to transform the way we work in the coming years. So, HR departments and business leaders must stay prepared to support it. 

  • Working towards a people-first culture 


One of the key trends we witnessed in 2022 was organizations shifting towards a people-first culture. A lot has been said about the growing need for a people-first company culture. However, we saw companies taking practical steps to make it happen. 


With a new generation of workers joining the workplace environment, it’s essential to redefine our strategies around company culture and employee engagement. 


It’s the people-first approach that really defines the success of a company. It might sound a little concerning to new startups, but the people-first approach is about valuing your people over profit. After all, it’s your employees who do all the hard work and make those numbers go through the roof. 


Nevertheless, when employees are engaged, prioritized, and provided with mental and physical well-being, companies become more resilient, profitable, and innovative. 


Progressive companies continue to stick to this approach as they actively listen to their workers and try to understand their needs and concerns. Most importantly, they never fail to reignite their workers’ passion for work. 


HR trends you need to pay attention to in 2023 


Hybrid work models, flexible work policies, and developing a people-first culture were some of the most impactful HR trends of 2022. While you need to continue working towards these strategies, make sure to watch out for the following 2023 HR trends: 

  • Implementation of smart HR tools 


Technology is at the center of almost every aspect of modern business. From HR and accounting to marketing and client management, technology has been helping companies streamline and simplify their business processes. 


In 2023, you must strive to implement innovative talent management solutions to uplevel your existing HR operations. A smart tool like Wiggli not only automates all of your repetitive HR tasks but also improves your chances of attracting and hiring new talent with great ease and speed. 


Talking about HR technology, consider implementing tools that support hybrid work models and working with freelancers and remote workers. Let technology drive your digital employee experience in 2023. 


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  • Focus on upskilling reskilling 


The WEF predicts that skill gaps will stay high as in-demand skills across job change in the coming years. Skills like self-management, critical thinking, problem-solving, resilience, and stress tolerance will be of great value in 2023 and beyond. 


As an HR team, learning and development must be one of your big priorities in 2023. Reskilling and upskilling your employees will not only help you build an adaptable workforce but also boost employee engagement and productivity. A continuous effort into employee development will also improve your employee retention and satisfaction stats. 


Gartner came up with the top 5 HR priorities and trends to help companies visualize HR in 2023. It emphasized the growing need for reskilling and upskilling programs. 


So, don’t hesitate to invest in employee training programs to help them develop new skills. Make sure your employees have the skills to navigate the economy of the future and help you achieve sustainable growth. 


Now is your time! A better you in 2023


Now is the perfect time for you to learn from the past and come up with an improved HR strategy for 2023. Take advantage of new HR trends and technologies to win the war for talent.